Helen Barnett - Dietitian

Helen is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and member of the Dietitian's Association of Australia, having gained both a Bachelor of Science (with University Medal) from Charles Sturt University and a Master's of Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Canberra. Throughout her studies, Helen worked as a Research Assistant on numerous University research projects. Helen has a wide interest when it comes to Nutrition, as she is fascinated by how nutrition impacts on human functioning on so many levels.

Helen has a particular interest in Eating Disorders, body image and weight concerns, emotional eating, and chronic dieting. She is particularly passionate about helping people improve their relationship with food by exploring past experiences with dieting, food rules and the impact of the "dieting culture" that we live in. As a Health at Every Size (R) aligned Dietitian, Helen likes to work alongside the Collective Psychologists using the Non-Diet Approach as she believes this helps clients develop and restore a healthy relationship with food and their body.

Another key interest of Helen’s is supporting people with Digestive Disorders, including IBS, Food Intolerances, Coeliac Disease, and IBD.

As a mum, Helen has an understanding of the practicalities of feeding a family - particularly when you are busy - as well as the challenges of having a child with food intolerances. Helen has a lot of empathy and compassion for parents struggling with feeding their kids on complicated regimes. She aims to support families by making things as easy, stress-free and as common-sense as possible.

Having grown up on a farm in Narromine in Central Western NSW, Helen is truly invested in helping country people receive adequate and appropriate access to health services.