Jessica Mawbey - Occupational Therapist

Jessica is a passionate Occupational Therapist with ambition to help and empower individuals of all ages reach their full potential in all aspects of their daily life. Jessica has experience working in a variety of settings including paediatrics, inpatient rehabilitation, community, older persons and workplace rehabilitation. Jessica was born and raised in the local area, and so has a desire to increase access to health services in the rural setting.  

Jessica is affiliated with Occupational Therapy Australia which allows ongoing professional development to ensure she can provide the best evidence-based practice in all areas of interest. She is also registered to provide services under DVA and NDIS. In addition to working within the Collective clinic, Jessica is able to offer assessment and interventions in the home or community for individuals who may otherwise find it difficult to access services. Jessica believes in a holistic care approach and so works collaboratively with associated allied health professionals, GPs and other service providers to ultimately provide the best possible client care and meaningful client outcomes.  


Adult & older person services

Jessica is able to assist those in the community to maintain, regain or improve their safety and independence in their own home by providing strategies, changing the environment or using adaptive equipment to ultimately assist individuals remain in their home for longer. Jessica is able to assist those who may, as a result of surgery, disability, injury, illness or normal aging, be having difficulty completing their daily tasks. Jessica uses a client-centered approach and goal collaboration to provide meaningful client outcomes.  

Jessica can assist with things such as:  

  • Home visit assessment and interventions 

  • Home modifications including ramp and rail installation to promote safe mobilization around the home 

  • Equipment prescription. This includes everything from bathroom, long handled and dressing aids to wheelchair prescription to promote daily functioning 

  • Education to clients and all relevant stakeholders in areas such as falls prevention, energy conservation, compensatory strategies to promote independence, cand ompleting self-care tasks including dressing strategies or transfers. 

  • Cognitive screening and intervention 

  • Upper limb assessment and therapy for individuals suffering residual effects from conditions such as stroke 

  • Pressure care education and management  


Child and Adolescent Services

Jessica is also able to assist children reach their developmental milestones and can assist with areas of difficulty identified at the home or in the school environment. Jessica enjoys working closely with parents, caregivers and associated stakeholders to provide optimal management and client outcomes.  

Jessica is able to assist with things such as:  

  • Fine/gross motor development  

  • Hand eye coordination  

  • Crossing the midline  

  • Sensory processing issues  

  • Self-regulation  

  • Behavior regulation  

  • Social skill development 

  • Play skill delay  

  • Attention 

  • Handwriting  

  • Increasing independence with self-care tasks including dressing, washing, and mealtimes.  

  • Education to parents/caregivers and associated stake holders to facilitate a holistic care approach