Mel Matheson - Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist

Passionate and engaging, Mel naturally found herself interested in sports, cooking and nutrition from a young age.

An Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and Sports Dietitian, Mel is driven by a genuine desire to help others become a fitter, healthier and happier version of themselves through nutrition and fitness.

With a reputation for delivering real results, Mel is driven to educate and motivate through targeted nutrition and exercise – and most importantly, she knows the value of support.

With experience working in various institutions including physiotherapy practices, nursing homes and a multidisciplinary GP clinic, Mel started her own business, Nutricise, more than five years ago. Motivated to provide holistic, multi-disciplinary support, Mel brings to the Collective a wealth of knowledge and experience from each of these roles.

An over achiever, she has also somehow found the time to develop an app, E-Cookbook and multiple health programs. When she’s not at work, or spending time with her husband and son, you’ll find her on the netball court, touch football field or cooking, fishing or camping.

Through the use of her In Body machine, Mel is able to provide expert recommendations to help you in achieving your goals. As a Sports Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist, Mel also greatly enjoys supporting local athletes and sporting teams to reach their full potential.

Mel is passionate about working with the Collective’s Psychologists to provide evidence-based non-diet interventions. Mel has expert knowledge and skills in supporting clients with food, weight, and body-image concerns.

Mel enjoys supporting both paediatric and adult clients, and has expertise in areas including chronic health conditions, allergies and intolerances, eating disorders, failure to thrive, and irritable bowel syndrome.