Why The Collective

Macquarie Health Collective was founded by Director and Psychologist Tanya Forster.

Having worked in a number of settings in both the private and public health industries, Tanya observed that even when services had the best of intentions, they were generally not working collaboratively, and this had an impact on overall patient care and outcomes. As a result of this, Tanya opened her own private practice that aimed to improve both the physical and mental health of patients, using an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary “collective” approach.

Rather than specialists simply working alongside each other or in isolation, the team at Macquarie Health Collective work collectively to ensure we can support you in achieving your health goals.

Macquarie Health Collective brings together specialists from a variety of disciplines with the aim of giving each person who visits our practice comprehensive and holistic care. Our practitioners work together to treat a variety of health and psychological concerns with a whole of body approach. We pride ourselves on the delivery of evidence-based and individually-tailored services.