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Macquarie Health Collective is a rapidly growing hub for health practitioners to work collaboratively and innovatively to provide holistic person-centred care. We are based in the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area which is experiencing tremendous regional growth in many sectors providing jobs in mining, tourism, sport, transport, energy, government, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, health and the social services sectors.

Don’t wait for a better opportunity to make the move to Dubbo because the advantages of working and living in this region won’t be a secret for long!


Current vacancies

MHC is currently looking for a Psychologist to join our team.

We are also currently advertising positions for an:

Occupational Therapist

If you would like to join the Collective team, please email a copy of your CV and cover letter and how you address the essential criteria to

We are always looking for inspiring ways to expand our team, so if you are interested in joining the Collective team or using a space at our Collective Hub and we don't currently have a role advertised for you, please don't hesitate to reach out!


Testimonials from our team


Psychologist Karen would not work anywhere else than at Macquarie Health Collective

“I’ve been with MHC since October 2016. Prior to that I’d worked in a government mental health setting and more recently in private practice as a sole provider for around 18 months. I loved the autonomy and variety that came with private practice, and as a new Mum, the flexibility that came with setting my own hours. So, joining the Collective was a big decision, but one that has paid off.

I enjoy all the things that I had in private practice, and I also now get the benefit of working with a team. Every day I can discuss clients and debrief with other Psychologists, and I am constantly learning from our Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Dietitians. We can all work together to provide a true multidisciplinary intervention to a client and their family. The kind of job satisfaction I get from that collaboration just can’t be found working by myself in private practice, or in the government agency.

Living and working in Dubbo has also been a great fit for me. All the facilities and services I need are close by and easily accessible, and it literally takes me 5 minutes to get to work each day! It’s so much easier to find that work/life balance when you have the time and resources on your doorstep. There’s a lot happening in Dubbo and the region these days, whether that be sporting, social or cultural, and it’s a great area to get out and explore of a weekend.

The other great thing about living somewhere like Dubbo is that you get the chance to make a real difference in the community. At the Collective we work hard to fill service gaps and knowing that you are helping someone in need who may otherwise not have had the opportunity, is so rewarding. 

Having the support of the Collective team has encouraged me into areas of work that I would not have attempted being out on my own. I’m constantly being challenged and learning new things, which helps me grow as a Psychologist and a person. In my time at the Collective my personal needs have been so well supported, and I feel like I’ve lost none of the flexibility of working on my own.

Instead I’ve gained a work family and a role that makes me happy to get up and come to work every day!”


Information about Dubbo and surrounding region

Dubbo and the surrounding region Dubbo are thriving and abundant with opportunity to live a fulfilled life and to have a rewarding and memorable career.

Servicing a catchment population of 120,000 people, Dubbo offers a breadth of high-quality health, education, retail and professional services to meet all your needs.

A quality lifestyle, affordable housing, career opportunities and education options combine to make Dubbo a great place to live.

Check out for information on housing, schools, services, sporting groups, food & cultural activities, investment opportunities, and jobs!

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